by Divention

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released October 1, 2000



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Track Name: Renin's Between
I know the winds’ changin’ for me
leave me out in rainy stormy
follow me to great Chicago
Follow me to great Chicago
even she likes running out me
Track Name: Adele

beating the odds of the life itself
make me curl up in a ball, like the hole just made itself
it’s just for now, you made it hell, You can’t begin to separate yourself
I truely know why it is this way but why now
If you know this hurt, then why can’t you touch me
We walk again, but we’re still friends, so stop telling me
we’ll start this over again. If is it end?

Adele; he never sleeps without thinking of her.

There is no life after you close you eyes
Something hurts real bad, but you still in my way
There is nothing that petrifies me more.
You exist to make me a statue.
and when you take me down you don’t put another there. You leave the space and you smile at my face. You trust my thoughts and myself explodes. I lose my strength and I lose my hope.
I lose my reason and I lose my friends. I lose my trust all I have got left.
Is a little smile from you, yeah, just enough. To let me know everything will be okay
All I’ve got left is a little smile from you
Just enough to let me know everything will be okay.
I wanted you to konw, but now I know you alwas did,
It’s just another way to stir the stew. You walk in a field.
And I will never see you again.......

Adele; pushes him down further.

You are so far away from me now
you stabbed me and smiled, but then you walked away. How will you know where I am and will you even care? I will never see you again!
You tortuous sadistic lier
You tortous sadistic lier I love you.
You dragged me in the dirt and spit in my face. I love you
In 10 years one of us will be dead or dying and I am afraid because it is me.
I am going to die. I think of the end and I wonder, Who are you? Did I ever know
you? you foolish dumb bitch. Can’t you remember what it was like? or was it never like that, or was it, I will never know. You were alwas here.
You never let me see your face. You never let see your face......

Adele; Cuts herself

There is a dark twisted alley that you live in. Nobody can come down. You hid yourself well. oh Adele cuts herself.
Everybody doesn’t even know that you exist. I know you’re out there but I’ll never know where.
You can never explain but only listen
You cut yourself. You cut yourself. You cut yourself.
It makes you feel better. You can’t cut yourself any deeper.
You cut me. I tried to resist. You cut me deeper. I told you
“no, this is for you” But you insisted and you cut me deeper.
I screamed and the life came out. You pushed down hard on the knife.
You wanted to cut me deeply. You comforted and soothed me and told me “It’s okay, it takes away the pain.” You cut me deeper still. I couldn’t stop you, I was dying. The blood was gone from my veins and my heart pumped dry. Your heart beat faster. You still cut me. Then you returned to cutting yourself. I was dead, but I still sow you crying happily as the blade went in and out of your skin. I sank into the earth with the other dead bodies and my eyes rolled back into my skull. This is the way it was, and this is what you did, and now I will never see you again. I will never see you again.
Track Name: Kill Me, Adele
The beuty of your face marks the end of the line
try to get out without carrying
any misfortune is added to the amount
all my tears are dry, but nothing will ever go away
so Kill me, Adele, for the rich, for the scathing, for the ruined
with nails in your arms and chains down your throat
any time will hurt like the cold of winter
put me in a metal cage where I can see myself,
kiss me untill I can spit my heart out on a plate and feed to the dogs.
The most tender of blades, the most painfull of caresses
You aggrivate the rotting inside me and force it to continue
Track Name: Last Ciggerette of the Day
Carbon-Factory limits the amount of beans to a man.
Augmented feelings of propsal, Joe Steele said.
Smile like a Turkey for me you underwater crowned fish with hate, no thorns were my friend.
When are we going back to the middle where this “hole” thing was.
Sunny desk had me going oh at least an hour prior. Joe Steele tought me some things about Stalin.
, knowing it was her last ciggerette of the day she sucked quickly and blew dry. She speaks bright and in the center
Locker #165 is empty because we got Salads
We’re going to “bend out” all those inside of us, My body is humaen, Rape is one G away from a fruit, Henry The Box Man is a killer.
The Exothermic temperatures are rising, can you take it?
If we all exhale the squiggs, then we are muggs, (porte swift).
Can of Mace. Billy ain’t my brother know I and know he was.
“Isn’t the horse dead?” asked the professional
If you don’t break their arms, go and to Stop where the temperatures are rising.
Ready the “let’s-get-go” set-cakes, and put the flowers down Rex’s throught (he caughs) Dogs and all the mexicans. AWAIT THE DRAGON
Fetish after Fetus thought. Nother purs open the leaking sound of pissing off.
If you come back then please stay,
the relationship between me and You friend is in a circle---
So you think you are the king
and You think you are the queen
and you smell a rat everyday
and you thank the closet everyday
And you murder our feelings with your shining axe and the vicious dimension of love.
The Last Ciggerette Of The Day........................To Be smoked with aftertaste.
Track Name: Establishment Of Truth
A ventricle presented as sour.
so it won’t attract a swarm.
seven years of lying under the soil
gives the strength of gods to those who will accept
When the good sun is vanquished by the dark.
A human with guilt, tries to climb upon us,
what she doesn’t know, can ruin her soul.
ashes of victems I breathe into my lungs.
a ciggerette to numb the impalement.
But she will be looking above, when they are inbetween
Grab her they will. Gratefull they are
A Heart in four pieces-spread across the world.
Some will try to find one but it will not work
unless all together.
I will retrogress to a stature and wait untill time will make the earth.
Nor I will fight for a mirror.
Track Name: Windy Violence
Only friends wake me from sleep I dream I dream I dream I dream
Seagull is complete only the running
given what you take you may go hunting
Sandy Silence windy Violence Violence
Violence taking it for the row....
Once up, you can’t stop I don’t think you can
Seagull is complete only the running
given what you take you may go hunting
Who stole my blackberries?
Are they in the soup
Who stole my black berries
Have they rapped with snoop
Am I North Carolina Am I South Carolina
Am I just a stump in the water
that’s like a plant in the sunshine
I’ve Discovered a mystery
and it will be a mystery until time unfolds
wondering and wondering and pondering and thinking
about spending time with you darling honey babey
spend a lifetime with me babey, won’t you marry me. Become
my slave, I won’t beat you I promise,
Because I love you.
Track Name: Eggs
This is about eggs--
--I knew she had--
Epidemic regions of her brain
Fogged out and cleared by her mental state
She’s on a bomb>
>officially dead.
You gotta wonder where they all come from

She’s a stuffed pig. Figure out where the last few are, because this damn town can’t stand for anymore cracked eggs. they’re running lose.
I’ve....known....all my wives by their barcode.
I keep them in cages--I keep them on chains.
I make them want to crawl back inside of their warm eggs.
Mutated ARCHS
But afterwards,
all the shells are alwas swept away
and nobody remebers the mess they made
They killed my parents from the eggs.
Track Name: She Holds Very Still
Sleeping isn’t calling to me
after the battle, he has exhausted all
He cries, but he lives. She watches from the courner
she holds very still
she holds very still
covered in shame, agressive like a child
thing calms the rage, augmented of the five
sleeping isn’t calling to me
she holds very still
she holds very still
isn’t a silent glance a indefinate reapproach from a kiss?
Track Name: Atria
I am just a lonely traveler
Is it gloom that delays an interview with The Deity?
Or is fire for sin?
Whichever, none are treated as a problem but as a fundament.
Life is known by the way, that which we Say
“Afterwards we clean ourselves” This is my fate
To Stop and To Obey, A clean child
You cannot imitate the facist feeling, but loving is okay
Stuck, in this, Maelstrom of a world, Like a snake it finds, Like a snake it finds, the truth can be sorted
Diliad Conscrate, Atticet, pour-on, Atriarium,
As you said to your cleric, you must assert yourself amongst the walking dead.
Explaining to them that there is existance, but it is never with them.
We hurt our own. Mortality is not a consequence.
Still, we hurt our own. Beg for amnesty.
Some people lend me some piece of mind.
There will be an onslaught of genocidic dimensions.
People are not Capital.
I spell in the lower-case.
I forwarn in the 7th degree. Feticide will usher butchery
Stuck, in this, Maelstrom of a world, Like a snake it finds, Like a snake it finds, the truth can be sorted
Splein, ask me if I have a Splien, tell when you are not Dying, It connects it connects me, IF A SNAKE IS BUTCHERY!! Sign me up for your next lie, You can claim it isn’t mine. Take your time like assignments do our hazard.
I expect the outcome of certain things, I do not fortell or prophesize.
Some people lend me some piece of mind.
There will be an onslaught of genocidic dimensions.
People are not Capital.
I spell in the lower-case.
There is no clairvoyance. You can not make it thus. Atrium is my ventricle
You make me so Placid.
There is no clairvoyance……….

It does not exist.
But we do.....please protect us!
Track Name: Valse Noble
Intoxicate my only son that’s living with your poison
End him this way annoint his food upon his table with your poison
you are my fear. Oh hear me!!
Track Name: All The Way Down
Even grass grows in the wrong place, here
Everyone knows, we’re spent and through
we’ve got more things, things to do
I’m not going to, understand----why
but you will learn why that sands smile that
way at you
they’ve got something of yours
Why does the rain, mutter, about you?
It has seen what you havn’t