The Amazing Cop: The Farewell

by Divention

Track Name: So Lost, So Cold
so lost
so cold
alone without you
the nights are dark
without you baby
why wont you come back for me darling
I'll drown without you there for me babe
you split me wide right open
and hung me out to dry babe
you ripped my heart right out
it's been two days since your gone
it feel like an eternity
I'd like to rip pain right out
I am the ghost of the man that you made me
I'll never feel complete
half of my hearts gone
the other half's frozen
i really need you now
why won't you come back for me darling
I'll drown without you there for me babe
my tears feel like my only warmth now
Track Name: KoKo
To some degree I still ache
It’s simply not frightening
It seems to be not striking
I’m constantly alive man

It certainly was shocking
As words can be so shocking
My heart did all but stop when
You fucking went and dropped me

You’re not worth much to me now
I’m sick of you and your vibe
Sick of you keeping down,
I’m sick of you not listening

I feel content to move on
It’s mostly because you’re gone
So sad to leave but I’m gone
There’s so much out there baby
You hold me back
I lost touch with the world

I know now it wasn’t a
Flawed victory or mistake
It’s sick to me what’s happenin’
But certainly it’s happenin’

I reject all the weakness
Connect to what my life is,
Put this shit in perspective
Piece together wha’ts been left,

I learned to grow on my own
There is a void inside so,
There’s a person that sits home
But that kid ain’t me baby
You hold me back
I lost touch with the world
Track Name: Past, Present, and Future
so that's the way it goes
it always ends up bad
maybe this time it won't
i'm not one to just pass
everyone should get a chance
at least to say they did
or should i just relax
yeah maybe that's just it
although it seems cliche
slowly it all goes down the drain
surely i'm lurred astray
surely i'm fooled most all the way
cooly soothin' to fade
they're the most ruthless of the kings
and they'll hell to pay
and then they'll all be there for me
i locked a door inside myself until i found you girl
i struggled to look for what i had thought we had but i was wrong
i you wanna go out with we
tell me cuz i just can't take this shit anymore
the suspense has been killing methodicaly
i'm glad we got that out the way
the wall has been broke and fallen down to the ground
the beginning of war was the end of it
one war to solve the other ones
what right is it for us to give what they don't wan't
but that's just the catch and the bitch of the world
i know it might be weird to veer
i got my mind on these people inside my head
there are some that you know but most are my friends
i had a girlfriend she, she turned into a whore
but that wasn't all my luck with all the ones before
i got my baby now and everything is chill
it's all just gravy now and everything is still
i look back and i, i can't believe the sight
that person wasn't me-anemic parasite
you made me feel so sick with stomachs stapled tight
you can't be not a bitch
your pussy can't be tight
my scar's invisible my pain is quite sufficient so
my difference is indifference
difference can't keep the rappin listing
stop and watch to just the friendships
to count the hugs and kissess
i list this list as vicious
Track Name: The Farewell
Baby I’m free, it’s over
It feels like the need is over
1000 years I’m older
my shoulder it grows colder
melting into a new breed
a new being grows inside me,
we are now one truly,
it is now done, finally.
The powers that be, The warriors
Some things were weak before me,
rule with a fist and no trust
pain from before was tortorious.

I’ve searched,
I thought I’d found you
But you weren’t really you
And I’m not even close yet
We’re two complety to
It can’t be me and you
We’re much to far from perfect
It don’t
Hurt that much more sure I get bored
But that’s older than both of us
Thing is
I’ve got more years
I’ve got a million friends
That I’ve not even met yet
I’m sick of playing this game I’m done to my likeing
Won’t ever be true so--------
Track Name: When Are You Coming Back
Tendrils sway their inorganic tips in beckoning to me.
I receive their deafening chorus and I return to my window side with my ears covered.
They transform into one another with an uneasy satisfaction.
Tendrils have veins on the outside of their leaves, and the wave to me that signals that first step of my voyage through my window.
I could never avoid such beginnings.
Please, when are you coming back?
They wrap themselves near my limbs.
Tendrils have the warmth of a mother when they smile.
I am frightened and paralyzed.
Please, when are you coming back?