Track Name: Unexpected Theft in the Birth Canal
I picked my nose against other people.
They were so scared they pissed my pants.
What I wasn’t aware of, at the time, my coach told me.
He showed me his hands; instead of fingers, he had stubs.
All of the suddenly, the Nose Goblins bit off first fingers…….the battle had begun……
…I was a warrior…….
I had to travel on business to complete Bugerville to get the secret potion I needed to reign victorious over the Nose Goblins.
The tough part was, I had to get it from the Snot Princess. I can’t tell you about the rest of the story because it contains excessive nudity and you’re only 14 years old.

But on a separate note…..
You can take your whole Friday off Because of the Unexpected Theft in the birth canal
There’s going to be police came in and asking questions to us, ya know? You can come back in next Monday when this whole thing has blown over, like a bad tent. It is pretty pretty bad stuff ya know ya know don’t ya. Have a good weekend!
Take your family fishing in the sea of sex. noodles, socks, monkeys, condoms.
Track Name: Things That Go Away By Themselves, Come Back By Themselves
She awakened in the dusk to find a quilt of trust covering her body. Its stitches were her memories, and its stains were her joys. She loved the quilt.
Someone eventually took away her quilt from her. Now it was just she and the privilege of a moving time continuum.
Infinity scared her, a tear dropped to her cheek.
The heart (that ) she carried around with her (everywhere) started screaming. It was time for it to be fed. She could no longer feed her heart, so she killed it and ate it.
Track Name: Discontentness With TVness
Toni don't know me but i see him every sunday
the other shows kind of suck but i don't watch them much
"The Corner" is okay but it's definately no "Sopranos"
even the shows are kind of wack at least it's not Cinemax
i'm up all night watching reruns
I came back, too much cable
ten HBOs when one's enough
three MTVs they all still suck
four CNNs when one's too much
"Adult Swim" is cool but i always miss it
they cancelled "Family Guy"
what's Fox's problem
"The Kids in the Hall" is way underated
so what if they cross-dress, it's still hilarious
"The Daily Show" keeps me happy, God bless Comedy Central
Track Name: Sharks in Los Vegas
You were touching on your way to touching touch-touch.
Mr. Touch-Toes has cocaine. You want your lunch!!!
Well I invite you to the bay.
Dixie Sharks swam far away---end in Vegas.

Even hardly touch the man and he will tap dance.
Every time you touch the man He will tap dance.
It’s not cause you have shaved your pits.
It’s because he knows what fits in the music.

Swim out to far—get lost in cards---One two three.

After this we all go home—I bet you knew that
Your wretched in so you can’t go—Fixed where you’re at
And I will laugh till your convinced
And when you are you will know---why we say that

You will stay there until you learn better.
Track Name: You Are Pure, You Are Soggy
I enjoy the finer things in life like 1-900 numbers
But you only like things like kiwi and Water
I know we’ll never agree but we can always resort to a common ground.
Let’s talk about dookie.
One time I robbed a bank with this stupid chick.
She screwed it all up, I got really mad.
I was so angry, but she comforted me when she said:
Let’s talk about dookie.
Track Name: You Can't Handle Dis Momma
Letten out life—the garden of children
Et tu Tereta------Feet on a stick
Plastic tounge---the sea felt like murder
It takes you away—Feet on a stick
Track Name: Runyun's Hot
In the rolling hills of Greenville, I saw Katherine Runyan. She forced me to do Heroin because she knows was best for me. Finally I've found the Dixie-Mariposa store in Coral Gables, Florida. Darling, you're so pretty that I'm having a cancor sore the size of jacuzzi in your honor, Ms. Runyan.