Track Name: The Ripening of the Knife
History would seep in underneath the cracks in your skull, preciously.
The tattered drapes in your home, and all the quiet places you sleep during dark
This Ivory tusk sticking into your neck. (caused for the ) Clavicle enlarged everyday until the knife is fully ripe.
Even though history’s acquired dissatisfactions ( with itself is permanent and her stale breath moves on in his colorful confusion. )
I love it.
Track Name: Febuary 21, 2003: The World Finally Cries Out For God
It is now that I am beginning to notice…..
“Death now surrounds me. He peers through the cracks in the apparition, the church, and the girl. When Death comes, I’ll understand the world for the sky.
It is now that I am beginning to notice…..
I see symbols throughout the walls of my life. They hang like oil paintings on a noose. I see a flicker in the development eye.
It is now that I am beginning to notice….
That life is not what I used to think it was. The true life is desolate like my farmland.
Lonely and exhausted we cry out for God.
It is only now…..that I know.
Track Name: Fire Under The Sun
After years of trying to free myself…it’s fire under the sun
This fire, with rage of ages, will not extinguish such times as this.
It shines the path---a glory road. No! No! No!
The Fire Under the Sun
Track Name: You Are My Hot Younb
The tweeter-- hand nail--displaces his body--fat using a gutting knife.
It hurts at----first, but--- the longer he twists, the----better it all will become
You can’t stop contact dermatitis. It gets you, I’ve got it. In another five years I’m going to be a giant red flake, I hate you. I depend on disconcerted feelings.

Imitate our lack of interest in anything but eachother
Watch ourselves in the sort of complex system of discontent sex and love
Track Name: I Pled Insanity Because I Just Crazy About The Girl
This time I’m missing her, This time is horror. Well, who was that?
They all seem golden girls to me. I never care but I constantly contend
You can’t fight your own failure. My name is 511. I love you, will you love me?
Happy time is over----everybody die.
Track Name: Merlin Dressed Up Like Me And Adam
Heaven opens it’s eyes only for good puppies, and bad puppies….well….they go to hell.
“We can’t have dogs peeing on stuff, we have to keep control here.” one angel said.
Rises in the canine population have sky rocketed this year.
This could be the cause for heaven’s changing policies------,
and could lead to a reduced level of domestication----------- For The Dagz….
Hallelujah. Heaven knows what it’s talking about. Yeah!!!!
This kind of stuff happens all the time.
If we didn’t…………………..have heaven today..
Dogs would be peeing………...all over the place….
Can I bum a ciggerette……….…yeah right here man…..
Cool thanks a lot!
Woa dude, check out that girl over there!
She’s got great hair, I wonder what her name is, maybe she’s in the music school.
Taker tooer other hunn!!!
Look at all these cool tricks merlin can do!!
Track Name: Wait For Everybody To Understand The Last Thing You Said
Let me putty your windows, they called her “styrene”
He enjoys the co. of women. Smells like the back of old hot radio oidar toh dlo fo kcab eht ekil sllemS. Don’t fall out of it, any where is yes, pure water can say.
Track Name: I KNOW YOUR PARENTS: "The Revenge"
The balloons will bounce on your house pets until they’re dead
Shimmy Shimmy coe coe Pufz Shimmy Shimmy Rob
Down Down baby Down by the waterfountain
Sweet Sweet Baby I will never let you go
Into the fire below. Intro the Wahter
Get out of the WAY!
Shut the baby up, they’ll hear us.
I’ll give you the elixer.
Stay away from my adopted parents.
Loopoe is stupid.
Laughter is medicine that I take To help my die.
I broke with laughter. Take off that Hat!!
Cogniscent Scheme.
Start now.
Track Name: In My Life
Must every love float in a person’s mind like a clock?
Must every illusion disintegrate with time?
This clock will retell it’s story every twelve hours
This time it will all be the same, and on and on.

You learn it all over again, and you can taste it the same every time….
… this taste was bitter until I forced myself to understand it.
I learned to love it, I encased my coffin in it, that way,
whenever you are ready, we can go.
Dreams are real as the vines wrapped around my face.
You can bear the truth of

You can take my life and live it
It’s my only, and I give it
Even if you grow to be found in the sky like a star
You will never be more than you already are.

This is because humans are bound by humanity.

Take a life you have for what it is.
Track Name: Hakeem Dressed Up as Merlin
Not enough, time for love, clean it up, sweeeeet……
It’s early morning
Time to shake this feeling
Loneliness is bleeding
-And this is not fair
Wont- you- be- my scapegoat
Play my game
But mommy said I couldn’t
You’re a fag
My daddy made me do it
Where’s my cash
I told you that I’d pay you for the marijuana tomorrow
.-But, this is the last time I make any loans to you
Because you never pay on time and I don’t like that
I really do not like that when you do not (don’t) pay on time x3
So sue me- not enough
Pay your debts- time for love
Oh shit this CD is late for BOB, HAKEEM
Now you’re in big trouble
I think he might hurt you
Hide inside a bubble
Promptness is a virtue—
--so I’m a little bit late, watcha gonna do
What are you going to do?
What are you- hey! What are you doing?!
Loneliness- is bleeding
Is-is bleeding
And-and this is not fair
And this is not fair
Time to share this feeling x4
You’re a fag and I don’t care what your daddy did to you
So take that-you don’t have to rub it in-so take that
Play my game-don’t you wanna be my scapegoat
Track Name: The Incredible Dude
A hero whose time never came……
Starred with focused eyes…….
At this choice girl……..
And said: “I abandon all instinct, and I bury myself in contemplation.
Never call me ‘Hero’. Only call me if you wish to join. I cannot let memory die, Reproduction is an uninteresting part of the human existence.”
The girl wiped the smile from her face, and returned to her self, to find someone more pleasant to look up to. Our hero laughed at her, she would never leave her self.
Track Name: Trip The Light Grotesque
Bad wife.

You pour 1,000 gallons of Molten refuse down your pigged daughters’ throat with permission by your immortal faith in the sanctity of art.

We seek to conclude your such natural sin, but fair boundaries of the Roman
Character Set could not provide for the speech we need to speak in supremacy before you.

I refuse to endorse your heart.

Bad wife