The Mysterious New Album

by Divention

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released January 1, 2001



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Track Name: BEEF
Beef is Beef
Beef Beef Beef beef is for beef beef is for beef beef is for beef BEEF
Invading on my property however do you dare? I’ll cut off one of your arms! I’ll cut off one of your ears! I’ll turn you into soup! I’ll feed you to my children! If the light is flashing then the temple is open.
If I ever get married (hitched) I’m going to marry a taxidermist so when can have........ Stuffed children stuffed children stuffed children stuffed children…I love you, we can have, stuffed children. Stuffed Children, it’s your birthday, in the morning, yo’, get wit’ me now!!! You been my life, my life, my life, my life, my life, my life.
The Stock dogs, have caught me, and they are, tickling my toenails, they are teasing my window. And they can’t climb any furthor. Will it suck; the drapes,the tapestry, nonchalant Mork and Mindy Dracula loves his capes. Nobody Barks a lot anymore. IT TASTES LIKE SNOT!!!! Any bark will tickle my furthor, any bark will furthor my fancy! The click of the 7:58 P.M. hits me like a Nebulla and I touch the cheese by the mouse trap snaps and my finger falls off. Oh Yes!! I touche de la cheese bout le mouse’ trappet snap et vous, et mon finger falleth offeth!!!
What?! They must have names? well I will take hints from the great figureheads of society! Such As: Paul Simon, Hitler and the Nazis, Will Evans and Will and Evans, Semour Butts, Robert Pulsen, Sogourny Weaver, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordon, Johann Sebastion Bach, Pele and Sting, Emily and her Snot and Boogers, Buzz Aldren, Gary Robinson, Him, Kid Rock, Bob Dole, Me, Omar, Adele Pacquin, Freddy Frikle, Napoleon, Meatloaf, Mitch Markovich, Sarah Conner, Stan the Watch Maker, The angry Eagle Chuck P, John Lennon, Christian and Luke, The Witches of Eastwik, Santa Claus, Pat McCroch, Ozzy Ozborne, Jerry Garcia, Fraklin D Rosavelt, Jeremy London, Richard Patrick, Jonathan Streit, Mitchell Peters, Tom Sayer, Rudolph the Rednosed reindeer, Amanda Hugandkiss, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Michael Evans and Michael Evans, Shakespere and Romeo and Juliet,Mike Tyson, Kurt Kobain, Sigmund Freud, Darren, Jon Grier, Victoria Valentine, SAM, The Easter Bunny, Evan’s Pig and his Pignose, My Pork, London Bridges falling down, Neil O’connors Baptist Deacan Buddy, Nichelle and the 3 bearded dragons, The guys from Crystal Reins and VISION, King Josh, The Ugly Truck , “The Agent”, Clik it or ticket!, All the Guys from the Millenium, Everlasting Earle, SF, 69 terror, Xanthus, Ben and Jonny Marchbanx, Lev Wismer, Bryan Adams, Jon Ramin, Ben and Hobie, Willy Loman, Biff and Happy, Reactive Prolitives, Eric Clapton, Pulling Lassjubites, Anchorage Massachusites, Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage, Thiegh bone sodomy, distressed materialogic, venial concrete, antidisestablishmenttarianism, supercalifragelisticexpialadotious, mechanistic vomitarium, striveteers and pugets, Love is my next dog, Piny teers, waterocious benifites, Spiry Eyes, neptat coll, Butterflies in your stomach, the king and all his men, thank you for your patience and support.
Lekact bus bus bus Netty bus bus bus Blue Legs eff eff eff Eatty bus bus bus
Look at me Look at me Look at me Look at my faes, no more guns, this was responsible for nothing.
They tried to take away, all my chocolate! so they got the axe! and the sword? (you bet!) when you take away good food from people, they begin to laugh like helium filled balloons, Everytime you pop one you begin to grow seven hearts have proved to me....
Sometimes they lick it up, and sometimes they spit it out. “I like chocolate” BEEF Beef beef Beef beef, beef, beef! beef, BEEF!
Track Name: Rock Star
Oh babey, I love you so very much!
You know how much I love you! Oh me oh my this chocolate pie!
I could have all the fans and the fame and the fortune in the world, babey, but it don’t mean nothing, less I gots you right by my side!

I didn’t want to be a rock star, babey
It’s they made me do, you couldn’t blame me
I didn’t want to be a rock star babey
I’m just the working class citesen, yeah
I didn’t want to be a rock star babey,
Now don’t you drool darling, I will be coming soon
I didn’t want to be a rock star babey,
They call me uncle Scrooge, My name is Jonathan Peters.

Beter lock your doors they might come in, Stealing is a sin, stealing is a sin

I know that you are Mark and Drew. But I will surely die.
I know the way of which you say, but No one will come along

I didn’t want to be a rock star, babey
Austrailia is living in the down under
I didn’t want to be a rock star babey
Fender is my Gibson is my Washburn is my Schector
I didn’t want to be a rock star babey,
“I like the Kangaroos”
I didn’t want to be a rock star babey,
It’s what they made me do, you can’t blame me!.

Beter lock your doors they might come in, Stealing is a sin, stealing is a sin
Track Name: My New Beeper
Send me away on a windy sunny day; I’ve got a more personal way to page.
20$ off any of my roller systems; I’ve got a more personal way to page.
I’ve got a test to see if your skin is beat up. And you’re beaten up. I’ve got a more a personal way to page.
Send me away On a windy sunny day; I’ve got a more personal way to page
Track Name: Oedipus
Jocasta and Laius of Thebes
left a child with his feet bound
on the side of a mountain.
All of this to avoid
what will come to pass.....
A prophecy made, shall be full filled

Oedipus Rex, of Corinth
Evades the divine prediction
and begins it’s fullfillment
He Kills, several men,
as they fall to his feet, his tragic fall begins
To smart for a sphinx, so they made him a king
and a King must have a queen.......

looks to his mirror and sees a truely great man
one that would never
kill the king, kill the king
But he didn’t know how to keep his eyes open
Tyreisis and Creon showed him a hint of truth

But how could two blind men ever be so wise
Jocasta stands by his side, and tries to pry open his eyes
Oedipus sees a glimpse of light when a messenger informs him who his relatives are not
The shepard will say who they are. And the lids on his eyes will unfold and to his dismay.......the light of day is so twisted and evil......

Oedipus has cursed his own life
He becomes a blind man who can see