Greetings From in the White: DOLT

by Divention

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released June 1, 2001



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Track Name: Corrective Tissue
The Incubus descends upon the earth
My liver drips with art
Machene screws connect to the construction of a knight for convience
An axe desires to fall just as a void desires to be
Maladin explains his descrimination to the massing crowd.
A riot flouts heedlessly
Impassivity is futile. I am dominate and predatory.
I am preoccupied. I am patient.
Turn around, face to face, yourself.
Change, change, change, it’s the right thing to do.
This distance works against itself for the first time in my life.
This is Labora Year.
Here is where I keep my water, my tools, my machene screws.
Corrective tissue. Trying to keep your eyes looking upward.
Track Name: Laying In
It’s appearing to be an asylum for the weak and the strong
Enter there with a strong heart and mind.
See the others on their knees with their face
Please know we can show you all
Peace and love Please hide me; hide me child; hide me
So when you grow up please remember to take me out of hiding, hiding.
Hiding all alone.
Thank you for life: it was a good long life. Thank you for life.
Life has thoughts size minimum,,,nobody cares
-Sacrifice your candle. Craft breaking, industry, set along, different, rules
These Can block up the middle
Climb straight right up the hill
Bind the sweet sights
Away the voice of your friend
Sticking it
Living violently, the wind sends creatures to this earth and pays them for their stay.
Tame the untamed, live like me, father teach me, I don’t care! I Don’t care!
Infect me with poisen sticks
Darkness is a butterfly. Not to this fully.
They’ve all gone to their graves of stone.
Track Name: Dracaconian
Living twice as it is. Dracaconian. He lied, I lied, she lied, she lied.
Sometimes love rediscovered……….
Sometimes learn rediscovered………
Sometimes belief rediscovered………..and my resolution is in belief.
Straight to go, with a no. Straight to go. Draconian.
Milky white, stay outside, stay outside.
Living once as it is.
Track Name: Slimeballs
I never know whether it is safe to drink the water
It seems to flow into another painfull poisin lake
Lie in awake to see the sunrise, between the castles in the distance.
Thaught about the way you walked, out the door
The door was my way out I left it shut all the time after time I cried in my sleep
Sleep was never peacefull I dreamt for a home
Mother and father here All of this time we share
Nobody runs away from shoulder and hand
I never know whether it is safe to drink the water
It seems to flow into another painfull poisin lake
Cause of these word that I speak (finding my calling Isn’t that hard)
This will be the last time that I write you.
Read these words and think of me. You were a real real girl, and you dreamed me away.
As I conclude, may your actions please God, and your words find their place in the everlasting span of time.
Track Name: Sting
Sink into the din—discordant volley
Is it Possible to sleep through? Is it going to disconcert you?
I will not dispute the new incomprehensible strengths of your daughter.
I’m so sorry that it stings. The hounds are now massing.
They will chase us till we fall. Erase us when the leaves fall.
See you tomorrow. It’s probably going to be a new day.
Bright with hope’s of lift. Don’t get them up, just give up, it’s enough, I can slip so far.
I can kiss all five of your golden rings. But it still stings.
Greetings “from in the white” from in the white from in the white, soft white
Saving lives is our job, we’ll save your life, we’ll save your job, miser
Can’t you keep a secret? You won’t tell off, you won’t tell off, tell off
Then, I Can wait, can watch, can bounce off--oooooo
Are you laughing out loud at me? Does this sing too beautifully? I admit I hate it!
Ouch! “was it something I said?” no it wasn’t, I still love ya’ you’re not my brother, no matter is history and it stings!!!

Sigh for joy! I like a park swing in a fenced in dream. Like you told me the individual teams will win. The group teams end up losing. And Ganggreen sets in. Like a man with his hat off. Like a child with heart on.
-Lie lie lie that’s all you do. Am I getting through? Can you comprehend to me the lake of fire and draconian hearts.
Locked up Locked up. I bet 40 up. Great in digital touch. Now I can all fall back to the fire sink into din—discordant volley.
Some people like to have brutal behavior. Don’t say “some”, Say “do it”
Like there’s nothing to it. Like she was your mother. Act like you’re my brother. One leg over the fence, you swing like you want to. Dark as it is, I like it here.
Announce that we are live, that dive can take a five.
I love the pasta make more of it we will eat it chew it backwards
Some time I would like to call home. The feeling that I got was merely punk and not residual. Living in a basket. Sunday never hurts. Teaching zach our entire set because
We want him to learn it. We don’t lie to Zach because Jamie lied to us and he’s dead.
And we don’t want to die. We want to go to college. College is children they love us they’ll kill us. They’ll kill us

Layed back swing one leg over the fence, a fly guy, a shy guy, is my guy//
A moss covered anemic, the cinema, breaking up in conversations like I never called in the cops// I’m like a fish out da’ water, if someone would gimme their it, I could mean a so-so fio girl. Nobody in the world.// I’m incompleto, like Danny Devito, With in love that he fell, as my ears are Nichelle, ¶ Lovely lake supreme is fishing out with like big time magazine, it’s time to clean up all the messages and sausages to lunch and to the// table like a horse in Jeffry’s stable. refuse you. Take in the theigh. Can’t you find the Martian guy. That’s time. Get him an eye. Fullfill my dreams, like I think, did the same thing, a little thing, just color, a little thing, tell me how you are trout , throughout time.
Elavator got warts in here! Dark Vader take your son for fear. Meaf Meaf Meaf Meaf Meaf. I can’t take it. I can’t break it. I can’t make it. I can’t fake it. I can’t bake it. I can’t mistake it. I can’t wake it up. I can’t upset it’s stomach. I can’t turn it into lake. I can’t turn it into a cat. I can’t hover over it like a noose. I can’t set it loose. I can’t turn up the juice. I can’t give a bruise. Not a normal brewskie. Take the threeskie. Boy can I ski. Yawn for joy as I sit for tea.///¢///
I love children it makes me happy to see you grow like a child. Labor relations; a task little ticket. Knowledge is thirst for the honeymoon child.
=Late as crap for an important date. Lying in the sun until you bake. Yodaling to the moon, oh to the gore. Alan Gore! I love you. This to find a design that you like, you lazy baker. /// C’mon shake my hand! Don’t be afraid! I’ve brought you candy. Just Trust me! November loves me. You’ll never understanding me getting this right. Into the rythym of the night. La la la la la la..
Basic writing—sink the ship—basic workshop—home hotdogs.
Masonry is the witching hour.
Some children are bad, some children are bad, so spank
Hey guys—I just farted.
Now you’re going to pay, like it Saturday, what do you say, we stay away from hugs, we can only take kisses and drugs. That’s the life of a mug, drinking from a coffee thug. Look at this equipment we have to lug. Dude let’s make Jamie do it? Why don’t you just stick it in the freezer and leave the poor kid alone. He lives out a town. He’s outa the band. He’s living off in Chuck land.
You know the way to go home Santa says you come straight here
Light off the top. A little rock stop.
Joking I was joking, hope weren’t choking, picking and poking, just eat the food.
Madness ataches itself to stupidity. Stupid people are stupid. Like you. You’re stupid.
You can’t laugh when you’re stupid.
You know the way to go home Santa says you come straight here
-This din, is it, find me my clothing, and my lucky heart.
If there is one thing that I have learned from all my years of studying in music, it is can never trust an astronaught, with the hiccups.

I was just trying to get myself out of the place that I was in.
Looking over my shoulder at every animal noise, My blood felt like a pull at the cotton inside. Truth is safe in the heart. I never dreamed of getting so far away from that place that I was in. I dreamed until I puked. Then there was the search for water. Others could’ve just climbed right out the pockets. There isn’t this time you speak of. What if we live forever. I wanted to leave, I wanted to fight for a chance to be free from the harmony. Just to be on my own. I’m talking about my son. They took away the un. Like a diligent work to excape on the pan. Little things can make you a man. Line up your cards a say something that’s true
-You knew you knew you knew
and I didn’t know what to do.
some say that your love is too much.
I think your love is made for living.
People can’t see all life is free.
Kill me for fun let me see my son
Hallow Hallow I think I think I can below
Lot a what? Dig deep to the voice within me.
The prayers and hearts of women.
I tried to change my vision
Always crying
Track Name: The Mourning After Death
It’s like the bustle in a house the morning after death. The solemnest of industries enacted upon earth. The sweeping up the heart and putting love away. We shall not want to use again until eternity. Late at night, late at night, you cry, you cry, and we lament over you and we rejoice in you. ( Something to think and think about? ) So was it, so was it good, was it worthwhile. Want to know a secret? When you wear your death, you can hold a crown. See you in the end, because that’s where you belong.
Think quite endlessly fornicate in justice for me. Wake up swimming and take me out for cream white face. Meaning nothing to me. Cross Surdo.
Certain death has a history of decay…..decaying….decay….waste away like everything should. the bustle in a house the morning after death. The solemnest of industries enacted upon earth. The sweeping up the heart and putting love away. We shall not want to use again until eternity. Think quite endlessly fornicate in justice for me. Wake up swimming and take me out for cream white face. Meaning nothing to me. Cross Surdo.
De-side which side you’re on. This love in this head-on collision tastes perfect.
Decide which side you’re on. Heaven is having your car in the right crash.
We’re standing in a line.
After this, after that, after everything. Forget this, forget that, forget everything.
Nothing is good when there’s plastic for skulls. Take me out to go. Take me out to go.
So is it too much for you? So is it too much for you? This rose inside my case.
Over me, Over me. I want to kill you. I want to see your cream white face.